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MSI is a multi-faceted medical and humanitarian organization focused on helping underserved people in various parts of the world. Our projects can provide one time assistance, such as a piece of medical equipment or an infusion of educational supplies or the facilitation of a construction project. Or, MSI will focus on long term support as in the building of a medical clinic or the supplying of on going financial support for staffing, supplies and pharmacy. Depending on the region served and the focus of a specific project, MSI will send in a small team to survey the needs of the local area and its population base. We will then develop a strategy to provide the services needed, whether they are on a one time or continuing basis. By providing this type of in depth review and incorporating the input from the local population and their leaders, we can tailor a project in such a way as to maximize the results in the most cost efficient and effective manner that will meet the needs that are identified. Through this process time lines are developed, regional legal issues are examined and complied with, volunteers are identified, funds needed for the project are obtained and the plan is then set in to motion. These organizational skill sets become focused and driven forward until completion. Of course, it would be impossible to achieve any success without the hundreds of volunteers that actively pursue involvement in the many projects that MSI and related organizations sponsor. Our volunteers, the medical supplies and equipment provided, the financial assistance or the donation of educational materials have done so much for those in need. Through these efforts, hope for the future is brought to the hurting and forgotten. It is this kind of caring and personal concern by the hundreds of volunteers that separates MSI from most other organizations.
Volunteer - Enjoy the experience that can change the rest of your life.
Donate - MSI, Inc. is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that is incorporated in the state of California, USA.

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