About Roadheader

The Roadheader is a machine for directly excavating underground roads.Boring machine is divided into open type boring machine and shield type boring machine.It is mainly made up of walking agencies,work agencies,shipping agents and transit agencies.As the walking mechanism progresses,the cutting heads in the working bodies constantly break the rocks and remove the broken rocks.It has the advantages of safety,high efficiency and good channel quality.The most important way of high efficiency driving in coal roadway is the support line of cantilever roadheader and integral bolt Drill,also known as comprehensive mechanized excavation of coal roadway.

Drilling and blasting method of tunneling machine

At present,the rock roadway construction is still dominated by drilling and blasting.In the experimental stage,the excavation of large rock roadway adopts heavy cantilever tunneling machine.However,coal production is gradually developing in the direction of high yield,high efficiency and safety.Coal mining technology and equipment increasingly heavy,large-scale,powerful,high-power and electromechanical integration development,has introduced Germany WAV300,Austrian AHM105,the United Kingdom MK3 heavy Cantilever tunneling machine.The heavy cantilever tunneling machine in the whole rock roadway represents the future development direction of rock roadway excavation technology.

The working characteristics of cantilever boring machine

1.The Cantilever tunneling machine can only cut part of the tunnel section.To crush the whole rock,it is necessary to move the cutting head up and down again and again to finish the work.A tunnel that can be used for any cross-section shape.

2.Tunneling speed is greatly influenced by the utilization rate of roadheader.Under the best conditions,the utilization rate can reach about 60%.But if the rock needs support or other ancillary work to keep up,the utilization is low.

3.The same advantages as the full tunneling machine:continuous excavation,no blasting vibration,more free to determine the right time to support the rock;can reduce excessive excavation;The cost of rock support and lining can be saved.

4.Compared with the full roadheader,the cantilever roadheader is small in size and has great flexibility in tunnel,which can be used for any type of support.

5.Compared with the full amplitude roadheader,it has the outstanding characteristics of less investment,short construction preparation time and high repetition utilization ratio.The small size of the working mechanism and the proximity of all important components facilitate maintenance and support operations.

Why work on boring machines ?

First of all,the staff can test the digging machine to speed up the running time of the machine,effectively improve the working efficiency.Secondly,through the test excavation and excavation,the analysis of engineering geology conditions can better select the construction conditions and help the staff master the construction methods under various geological conditions.Third,testing and excavation can make the staff familiar with sectional assembly,gravel filling and backfill grouting and other operating processes,not only can improve the construction progress,but also can better improve the construction quality;Four:Grasp the stratum and surrounding rock condition,better choose driving mode and parameter....