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The Guatemala Project

The Mission of the Guatemala Project

ASIDAVI is a nonprofit organization that strives to defend people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. With no political affiliation, ASDAVI promotes and improves peoples quality of life, without discrimination, by means of promotion and defense of the rights of the people affected, facilitating the access to an integral attention, in coordination with related companies.

The Vision

Being an association of endorsement, support and leadership for the people that live with the HIV (in spanish, SIDA), ASIDAVI offers help to those in need without discriminating against race, religion or sexual orientation. Under the principles of respect and human solidarity, we offer services which promote access to proper medical treatment.

The Population at Risk

This project is designed to reach populations in high-risk areas. These areas, mostly in Chimaltenango, have been studied and found to have a high number of cases of individuals with the AIDS infection. Through our organization we help provide access to quality, comprehensive care, with the many groups charged with the tasks of dealing with these issues.
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