Roadheader Machine EBZ230

EBH200 Cantilever Roadheader

EBZ230 boring machine is a new type of hard rock boring machine.This machine is mainly used for hard rock,coal roadway,half coal roadway and soft rock tunnel and tunnels excavation with hardness less than 8.5.It can also be used in tunnels,such as railways,highways and water projects.Through the second conveyor,can be equipped with dump trucks,shuttle vehicles,belt conveyor and so on,so as to achieve cutting,loading and transportation and other continuous operations.Maximum positioning cutting area up to 25m2(cutting width of 5.67 meters,cutting height of 4.46 meters).Economic cutting Rock's unidirectional compressive strength ≤85mpa, the maximum compressive strength of cutting rock is MPa. Longitudinal work gradient ≤±18.

Product parameters

Dimensions(L,W,H):10.65m x 3.2m x 2.2m
cutting power:230kw
Speed of running:6m/min
Maximum cutting hardness:f8
Max.positioning tunneling width:5.8m
Max.positioning tunneling height:4.7m
Minimum adaption drift section(W,H):3.4mx2.4m
Working voltage:AC660/1140V

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