Boom-Type Roadheader EBZ160

EBH200 Cantilever Roadheader

EBZ160 Cantilever tunneling machine is suitable for roadway excavation in 6-17m2 coal roadway or half coal tunnel,and can also be used for railway,highway,Water conservancy and other tunnels.Cutting rock hardness is moderate,compact structure,short body,low center of gravity,easy to operate,stable operation and fast cutting speed.The EBZ160 cantilever boring machine can realize continuous cutting,loading and transporting operation.

Product parameters

Dimensions(L,W,H):9.3m x 2.9m x 1.96m
cutting power:160kw
Speed of running:6m/min
Maximum cutting hardness:f7.5
Max.positioning tunneling width:5.4m
Max.positioning tunneling height:4.8m
Minimum adaption drift section(W,H):3.1mx2.2m
Working voltage:AC660/1140V

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