EBZ135 Mining Machine

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EBZ135 type boring machine is mainly used in coal roadway with hardness≤7,coal roadway,soft rock roadway and tunnel excavation,can realize continuous cutting,loading and transportation operation.Positioning cutting segment 20m2(cutting width 5.1m,height 4.0m),economic cutting hardness≤70mpa,maximum cutting hardness 80MPa,longitudinal work slope≤±18°.The machine fuselage is short,the cutting head highest point horizontal height only 1608mm,the flexibility applies to the big inclination angle,the low roadway excavation.The cutting part uses the double handle operation,the operation is more flexible and comfortable;Adjustable two-seater design,the user can choose different seats according to the height of the roadway;The three-layer water curtain sprinkler system can effectively restrain dust and improve the working environment of downhole workers.

Performance characteristics:

  • The cutting mechanism has internal and external spraying,leakage detection and protection function.The cutting motor has thermal protection function.The cutting head is tapered and has 36 pickaxe.The tooth seat is arranged in a spiral shape.
  • The shovel plate adopts two-sided inclination to facilitate transportation and cleaning.The main shovel plate and the side shovel plate are in the independent structure,easy to disassemble and transport.The charging device adopts an arc three-tooth star-shaped wheel which is driven by a low-speed high torque motor directly.
  • The conveyor uses a dual-chain transport structure.The bottom plate is linear and the transportation is smooth,which increases the service life of the chute and scraper.Scraper transport by two low-speed high torque hydraulic motor direct drive.
  • The walking mechanism adopts highly integrated structure of reducer and hydraulic motor,which has small volume and high reliability.The tensioning device adopts the combination structure of the tension cylinder and the adjusting plate.
  • The electrical system uses the Safe type operation box,the comprehensive protection uses the new system module,has the program control,the liquid crystal Chinese character dynamic display,the system fault detection,the memory function,simultaneously,with the voltage loss,short circuit,the motor overload,the temperature overload,the gas power protection and so on function.
  • The hydraulic system is controlled by a variable system with pressure shut-off and load-sensitive technical functions.
  • The rear support device achieves large span support and improves the stability of the machine.
  • Product parameters

    Dimensions(L,W,H):8.9m x 2.8m x 1.7m
    cutting power:135kw
    Speed of running:6m/min
    Maximum cutting hardness:f6.5
    Max.positioning tunneling width:5.1m
    Max.positioning tunneling height:5.1m
    Minimum adaption drift section(W,H):2.7mx2.2m
    Working voltage:AC660/1140V

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