EBZ120 For Marble Rock Stone

EBH200 Cantilever Roadheader

EBZ120 type boring machine is in the summary of the advantages and disadvantages of similar models at home and abroad,by Shanxi Coal Machine Equipment Co.,Ltd.Design and manufacture of medium-sized cantilever roadheader.It is a medium cross section coal and half coal rock roadway in China coal mine.Ideal alternative to mechanization.EBZ120 tunneling machine can be economically cut coal rock uniaxial compressive strength≤60mpa,mainly suitable for coal and half coal rock roadway excavation,but also applicable to other mines and engineering road excavation,similar situation.

Product parameters

Dimensions(L,W,H):10.5m x 2.5m x 2.1m
cutting power:120kw
Speed of running:3.7m/min
Maximum cutting hardness:f6.5
Max.positioning tunneling width:5m
Max.positioning tunneling height:3.8m
Minimum adaption drift section(W,H):2.7mx2.4m
Working voltage:AC660/1140V

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