EBH200 Cantilever Roadheader

EBH200 Cantilever Roadheader

The EBH200 cantilever hard rock boring machine is our company to meet the non-coal mine hard Rock tunnel TBM development of a model.

The machine has a number of patented technology.The truncated section of EBH200 Roadheader is designed by horizontal axis,which is suitable for roadway excavation of coal and half coal rock.The cutting area is big,the surface section shape is good,the production efficiency is high.Some components can be interchanged with ebz200a.

Performance characteristics:

  • The EBH200 cantilever Hard Rock tunneling machine adopts modular design.Disassembly and installation is easy and easy to maintain and maintain.The failure rate is very low.
  • Machine only 220KW pump motor,for the whole machine to provide power.This unique design enables the hydraulic system to achieve maximum efficiency.There is no need to provide a cutting motor,so that power can be reasonably distributed and power consumption reduced.
  • The cutting mechanism of the machine adopts the imported horizontal shaft hydraulic driving cutting section,which has more reasonable cutting mode and hydraulic variable cutting speed,so that the roller-type picker can impact the rock wall and improve the crushing hardness.Compared with the traditional roadheader,the same machine shear hardness increased by 30%.
  • The machine targets a large amount of dust and a small amount of water in a non coal mine.Equipped with our company specializing in the development of large-scale dust-absorbing dust removal system,good dust removal effect.
  • This machine uses the form of two-stage working arm,fully absorb the vibration produced when cutting,the whole machine is stable and the vibration is small.
  • The cutting hardness of the machine reaches F8 to F11,which really realizes the crushing of hard rock and low consumption of small machines.
  • According to the characteristics of non-coal mine rock,equipped with the transportation system developed by our company,no blockage,high efficiency.
  • The machine conforms to the requirements of non coal mines and is also suitable for coal users.
  • Product parameters

    Dimensions(L,W,H):10.3m x 3.2m x 2.1m
    cutting power:200kw
    Speed of running:6.6m/min
    Maximum cutting hardness:f9
    Max.positioning tunneling width:6.3m
    Max.positioning tunneling height:4.5m
    Minimum adaption drift section(W,H):3.4mx2.3m
    Working voltage:AC660/1140V

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