EBH120 Type Roadheader

EBH120 Type Roadheader

It is a cantilever type of local section boring machine,suitable for 8-22m2 coal roadway or half coal roadway,as well as railways,highways and other roadway excavation roadway,for water conservancy projects and other tunnels.The main features of the machine are:compact structure,short fuselage,low center of gravity,easy to operate,stable operation.The cutting head can be driven by a hydraulic motor or a motor,and the horizontal or vertical axis can be selected arbitrarily.The horizontal cutting head may choose theø750x1350,ø800x1400 two kinds of specifications,in the coal rock cutting hardness moderate below has the better cutting speed.The main difference between the tunneling machine and the traditional roadheader is that the cutting arm is composed of two segments,two segments are connected by a pin shaft,two pairs of cylinders control the Take-off and landing,and a pair of cylinders control the horizontal rotation.

Product parameters

Machine quality(kg)38000
Wide shovel plate(mm)2125
Wide body(mm)1900
High cutting head horizontally highest point(mm)1600
High body(mm)220
Undercover depth(mm)250
Ground clearance(mm)3860
Height positioning cutting range(mm)5560
Width positioning cutting range(m²)22
Area positioning cutting range(mm)350
Gantry height(MPa)≤60/35
Maximum/economic cutting coal rock compressive strength(°)±16
Walking speed(MPa)0.14
Ground pressure(kW)206
Total power(kW)120
Cutting motor power(kW)75
Pump station motor power(V)AC660/1140
Supply voltage(Hz)50
Supply frequency(r/min)73
Cutting head speed(m³/min)Crab claw type/3
Loading capacity(mm)500
Track width(mm)2125
Track width-Cylinder tension,card lock
Rise form(MPa)External spray water pressure≥1.5
Spray water pressure(mm)2965×1336×1305
Maximum non-detachable part size(kg)4300

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