Company's History

SCIRTBM Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise, industry and trade integration company, founded in 2000, mainly produces coal mine cutting machine, roadheader, coal loading machine, rock loader, fuel injection pump, brazing diamond tools. Office and production location in Shanghai Songjiang High-tech development zone, Dongjing area.

To fully reflect the "SCIRTBM products, to create value for the mine!" "Development concept, the company implemented the ERP management system, implementation of the" integrity, pragmatic, high-quality, efficient, customer first, scientific development. "

Group Honors

SCIRTBM is China Coal Industry Association Equipment Management Branch (2008 coal Comprehensive Regulation No. 009) coal mine fixed-point production unit. With coal mine main equipment (parts production) [(QMZJ) MPJSC (2009) 0148] and the main coal mine qualification. Equipment (overhaul) Qualification certificate [title Unit (QMZJ) MJX (2009) 0180, coal Mining Unit (QMZJ) MJX (2009) 0181].


According to the production scale and technical requirements, our company first set up a quality inspection Service department, in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system requirements, equipped with full-time quality inspection personnel and maintenance personnel, set up and improve the management system, responsible for product quality. Check to ensure that qualified products in each process can enter the next process, and accept the relevant government departments of Quality Supervision and inspection and business guidance. Quality Inspection After-sales service department focused on inspection, assembly and technical Department of technical personnel, dedicated to customer use, maintenance troubleshooting and timely provision of on-site services.

Service Support

  • The technical department of the company is responsible for the development and development of the products, and is responsible for researching and solving the problems found in the use of the products with QC department.
  • To ensure that national resources and scientific and technological achievements are fully and rationally utilized, and actively adopt the latest national standards and foreign advanced technology, and scientific research institutes to carry out accurate cooperation, promote the company's technological progress to ensure and improve product quality.
  • Strict implementation of the national,industry and enterprise standards for product quality.Product certification to ensure product certification.The contents include product name,specification model,quality Inspection Department logo,quality inspector number,production date,company name,address and telephone number.
  • Products with production licenses are guaranteed to have license number,approval date and expiration date.
  • Product packaging guarantee in line with the relevant state regulations.All product damage caused by packing shall be borne by the company.
  • Company to provide customers with first-class after-sales service.We always do our best to provide the perfect service for the customers in the use of our products when they encounter any difficulties.